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Put Your Nutrition Savvy to the Test!
1. Runners should model their diets on the USDA’s Food Pyramid.
True False
2. Female runners should eliminate fats from their diets if they want to lose weight.
True False
3. It’s good to eat right after a race.
True False
4. A diet rich in protein will burn more body fat than a diet rich in carbohydrates.
True False
5. A bagel with 2 tablespoons of butter is healthier for you than a fast-food burger.
True False
6. When watching your weight, an orange is as good as a glass of orange juice.
True False
7. Pasta will “stick to your ribs” better than a hamburger will.
True False
8. Never eat before an early-morning run.
True False
9. Runners get enough sodium from the salt in their diets.
True False
10. Drinking coffee before a race will not impair your performance.
True False

“Good carbs” to enjoy and “bad carbs” to avoid to guarantee a slow, steady flow of energy on the road. Page 8

The 25 best mini-meals for runners — smart snacks that keep you from bonking and keep your weight down. Page 11

Need a quick energy boost? Get the recipe for Soy Nut Trail Mix on page 15. It’s the perfect energizing snack after a tough run.

Go ahead — CHEAT! Go ahead and enjoy pizza dripping with cheese. See why a once-a-week “cheat day” or “cheat meal” should be part of your smart eating plan! Page 17

For stronger muscles and bones, be smart about eating more protein. See page 21 for the best protein sources for athletes — including meal replacement powders.

Load up on healthy fats for more energy and a healthier heart. More good news, page 24.

The right carbs and the right amounts to power up your running. Page 27

The best times to eat and drink for maximum performance. Page 31

Staying hydrated: What the latest research says about carbohydrate beverages. Page 36

The most important supplements for runners. Scientists call them “ergogenic aids”; you can call them supplements that BOOST your performance. Get the details on page 39.

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