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If you’ve got your eye on running a marathon — whether it’s your first or your 100th — don’t take another step until you take a FREE look at MARATHON: The Ultimate Training Guide.  
The Ultimate Training Guide  for Runners of All Levels
More than a half million runners have relied on legendary runner and coach Hal Higdon over the years for his marathon training advice. And now you can, too. You’ll also be privy to the latest training and nutrition insight from top physiologists, runners, and sports medicine experts. Step-by-step, you’ll discover:
Day-by-day training schedules
Whether you’re training for a half or full marathon, you’ll find the research-based training plan that best fits your running fitness level.
Nutrition tips for high-performance running
Discover everyday nutrition secrets for high energy levels, pre-race nutrition tips for good race performance, and race day liquids to keep you going strong mile after mile. Compete details start on page 181.
Smart advice to train injury-free
Help prevent training injuries with “defensive running” strategies — smart stretches, therapeutic massage, the right shoes, and more. The positive news starts on
page 123.
  Secrets to half-marathon success
Choose from one of three training schedules that offer a nice mix of long and short runs, cross-training, speed work, and strength training. See page 93
  What women marathoners must know
When to add more iron to your diet … how to modify training for greater comfort during your period … and more. It all starts on page 159.
Enjoy Expert Coaching and Encouragement — Mile after Mile!
Speed training: With speed work, you will run faster. That is guaranteed. Adding speed training to an endurance base can take seconds off 5-K times and minutes off marathon bests. Details, page 113.

Keeping pace: A standardized pace table can be a trap — a series of numbers that can lure you into a pace that’s too fast. See page 200 for the best ways to predict your performance and achieve your goals.

Race logistics: Vital items to pack in your “runner’s suitcase” … how many miles you should have on your race day shoes, race morning essentials, staying loose on the starting line, and more! Page 217

Mile 27: Your race doesn’t end at the finish line! Discover the best post-race strategies for a smooth and happy recovery — mentally and physically. Page 259
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